Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Makes Digital Generation Such a Great Money Maker?

This is the place to get FREE money. Yes, Digital Generation gives you your first “Thread” for free and that “Thread” will earn you $1 per day. That’s $30 per month falling from the sky. Of course, if you get excited like me, once you realize the potential, you will want to earn more than $30 per month so the company is allowing you to get paid $30 per month for each additional “thread” you purchase at a cost of $50.  Pay only once and get paid daily for a period of 12 straight months.  Mercy, that is a gross profit of 60% per month or 720% per year.  Have they gone mad? Whatever you may be thinking….they are paying and that is what counts.

There is no referring required but those who do refer will earn 20% on the first level and another 10% on the second level without spending one penny. Sure, you can make a purchase and earn more, but it is NOT required. Withdrawals are INSTANT, and my sponsor says that he has already been paid multiple times. Its WORLDWIDE. We cannot understand why anyone would not want to do this. It just doesn’t get any better than this folks! This will not require ANY of your time after you spend the 3 minutes to set it up, and it will NOT interfere with anything else you are running on your computer, and it costs NOTHING to get started….Simply leave your computer running and it will print money for you….even while you’re sleeping.

What is a THREAD?

We simply refer to a thread as being a  ”package” or a “unit” or a “share”, but following is a more formal definition. Before starting any computer process, its required to place it in a predefined Thread. For example, immediately after you turn on your computer you start a Thread that allows your computer to preform specific tasks, such as go on the internet, and view files and videos. Modern processors have a huge amount of possibilities, including the huge potential to create powerful Threads, most of which go unused because PC owners have no need for them. We propose that you allow us to use your processor’s unused potential, which we will be happy to pay you for. We are aware that there were some similar concepts to this in the past but we’re not sure if they ever got to the point of paying people. This does, and it does it instantly.

How to become part of the team?

 For those of you who decide to become part of our project, as well as to receive a stable income for allowing us to use the processing power of your computer, you must:

  • 1) Register

  • 2) Confirm your registration. In the registration mail you will be given a link to follow.

  • 3) Download our application and install it on your computer. Follow the installation instructions and user guide. If you need to you can find hints on the download page.

  • 4) Select a connection to a Thread (this is an automated process that is required to completely enter the system and register your payment information, where the money that you earn will be sent). You can choose the payment method that is most comfortable for you. Also you will always be able to change this method at your discretion. For a full list of the payment methods available, please see the Payments page.

  • 5) Carefully read and learn how to use our program. If you have any questions about working with the system, you can likely find the answers in the FAQ.

Please go and check it out here:

Once you have checked it out, just remember, you can join and manage it yourself or/and you can join UpgradeYourLife Private Club (UPC) and it will be managed for you on auto-pilot via the UPC concept. Whatever decision you make, we are here to help you. You can join one program or the other or both and your choices do not interfere with either program. If you have any questions, please let us know.